Know Printers Learn Printer


ü  Two types of printer’s are:-
·         Local printer
·         Network printer.
Ø  Local printer=which printer is physically (directly) connected to the system is called local printer.
Ø  Network printer=those computer who are indirectly connected to the printer is called network printer.

Know Printer Sharing Learn Windows

Printer Sharing

Sharing printer in a network  :
For sharing a printer in our network printer sharing is must for using it in a network .then install it driver into the network from printer server configuration.

Steps to share a network printer.
in clients system

Know Printer Sharing in server Learn Server

Printer Sharing

                                                       To Adding A Printer In Server Sharing With Everyone
1.Click on start
2.Administrative tools
3.Server manager on add roles on print services nxt –select print services and internet printing
8.nxt finish.
Then, you have to install printer using control panel.
1.Go To Control Panel
3.Add Printer
4.Two Option Will Apper’s Their Which One Is –ADD A LOCAL PRINTER=If You Have Already Connect Any Printer With Your Computer.You Have To Select It OR
5.And Second One Is ADD A NETWORK,WIRELESS OR BLUETOOTH PRINTER=If You Want To Add Another Printer To Your Computer From Your Any Option Like Bluetooth,Wireless Or Any You Have To Select This Option.
6.After This It Start Finding Any Network Printers If Any Connected.
7.Select, The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed
 8.Click On Add A Printer Using A Tcp/Ip Address Or Hostname
9.Then Choose Autodetect Option And Ener Hosname Or Ip Address
10.Click On Next Choose Your Printer Driver From Lists Click Next,Next,If You Want To Share Your Printer To Everyone In
Your Network Click Share This Printer,Enter Name If You Want.
11.Next,Now You  Can Use Your Printer.
At other system ctrl+r= run to access that shared printer

For example \\

Know RODC Learn Server

Read Only Domain Controller

(RODC) stand for Read only domain controller is a server based operating system services which work’s for dc (domain controller). It can be configured at client base system who is at workgroup status.rodc is a services which help us when our main server is crashed when rodc works as server if any changes will change in main server it is also show at rodc server.
Rodc works only when the primary rodc is install at server system rodc has only read permissions so it will only read the changes and what is changed.
                                                                               Rodc of server1
rodc of server 1 whenever server 1 get fall down rodc server will works as a server 1

Know Terminal Services Learn Server

Terminal Services

Terminal services is a service which is configured at a common pc with all types of services and application to distribute to their connected clients can access all the shared programs and features by terminal services.terminal server will make some users for thin client’s for their login access items.
client’s= is a system less pc which only lan card’s or some important items were in it they were fully configured by their server.
There are many options are in terminal services like:-
Terminal services web access service which helps clients to access app of server who shared
Remote desktop=you have read it already.
Web access appliucation:-to manage web application’s use ts app mgr
For accessing use internet explorer enter ip address
It will ask for administrator password enter=domain name and administrator
For example=domain\administrator

Know WDS Learn Server

Window Deployment Services

Ø  Stand For Windows Deployment Services(WDS) Is A Server Based Application Which Is Used To Install Windows At Client’s By Sitting One Place Remotelly.
v  Requirement’s To Operate:-
ü  Ad
ü  Dns
ü  Dhcp
ü  Any Lan Card
ü  At Client’s It Required (Pxe Lan Cards) Must.
Ø  When We Configure It And Start Installing Os To Client’s Start Every Client’s When It Get Ip Address’s Go To Server And Approved Them To Start Process Of Installation.
ü  We Can Install 7,8,Vista,Xp,Or Server Etc.
ü  At Domain System Where Have You Save Your Wds Directory Or Etc It’s (Ntfs) Or Other Change It To Ntfs.
Ø  Capture image

Ø  Discover image

Know ACtive DIrectory Learn Server

Active Directory

Working With Active Directories
How Second Domain Controller Works And What Are The Using Of It And What Is It.
When We Install Ad(Active Directories We Create A New Forest Then We Make A Fresh And New Domain System By Running Dcpromo.Exe.
To Create And Using Of Second Domain Controller:
The Domain Controller Works As A Behalf Of Server 1 Whenever It Is Not Found In Network Domain Controller Server 2 Will Works As A Main Domain Server 1 Fully And It Have All The Permission’s To Managing And Etc.
 When Ever Server 1 Get Fall Down Server 2 Domain Controller Will Works As A Server 1.
:-also known as ads.

            DOmain                                                                                                         DOmain COntroller        

Know FSMO Role Learn Server

Domain Naming

Active directory naming also works like schema:When ever we making a new or existing domain it contains all the information which we have give at old domain.

So it is also works as a master records of domain naming changing.

Know AD Schema Function Learn Server

AD Working with Schema

Schema Is Set Of Attributes Where The Attributes Etc Were Saved In It.
Whenever We Making Any Object’s Like User Group’s And Printer’s Or Etc It Goes To Domain Controller And Then Find It’s Attributes In Schema Schema Works As A Copy Or Register Where All The Information Of Object Where Saved it is works as master records .
There Are So Many Types Of Roles When We Install Ad It Get Automatically Install With Active Directorie.
For Example =Schema Releated Roles And Feature There Are 5 Auto Install Roles Were Found Who Install With Ad For Schema.
So,Whenever We Create New Domain Controller It Also Get Those 3 Roles From Those 5 Roles.
It is only available at one domain controller.and it is responsible for all child domain’s.
The structure of database is called schema.

Know Functional Level Learn Server

Functional level

Working With Function Level Of Ad Services:-
These Are Functioning Level’s:-
Domain or forest
Windows Server 2000
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
When We Install 2000 Level Of Functioning It Will Support’s Only 2000 Or Earlier Software But We Can Raise Or Change The Functioning Level Of Ad Server.
When We Install 2003 Level Of Functioning It Will Support’s Only 2003 Or 2000 Features But We Can Change The Functioning Level’s Of Ad Server.
When We Install 2008 Level Of Functioning It Will Support’s All The Feature Of 2000 And 2003 Etc. But We Can’t Change The Functioning Level Of Ad Server.

So Choose It Properly.
                            We Can Change Or Raise The Functioning Level By These Steps:-