*      Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Every Operating System Use This Tcp/Ip  Tcp/Ip Is Also An Open Forum Model, Most Popular In History Of Networking  Whenever We Want To Create Network Between Different Vendors It Get Possible With Tcp/Ip Model Because Every Networking Devices Uses Tcp/Ip Model.
·         Four Types Of Tcp/Ip Layer:
*      Network Access
*      Internet
*      Transport/Host To Host Layer
*      Application Layer.
·       Working Of Tcp/Ip Model:-
*      Network Access Layer Works as Data Link and Physical Layer of Osi Model.
*      Internet Works As A Network Layer Of Osi Model.
*      Transport or Host To Host  Works as a Transport Layer of Osi Model.
*      Application or Process Works as an Application, Presentation Session Layer of Osi Model.
·       Tcp/Ip Layers And How It Works:-
   Application Layer:- It Is Responsible For Data Transmission Between Two Computers So It Works For The Transmission Of Application Data Of First Computer To Another Computer Application Supports Dns, Dhcp, SMTP, Pop, Protocols.
  Transport Layer:- It Is Responsible For Secure And Error Free Transmission Of Data End To End Works On Tcp Utp Protocols .
    Internet Layer:- It Is Responsible For The Logical Address Of Host’s Ip Address This Layer Handles The Ip Of Host And Ip Or Internetworking And Performs Routing Between Multiple Networks.

   Network Access Layer:- It Is Responsible For Hardware Addressing And Defines Protocols For The Physical Transmission Of Data And It Also Monitors The Exchange Of Data Between Host And The Network Or Also Define Which Protocols Is Running.

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