Is used to connect pc.
   Two types of switches are available:
   Manageable works on network layer of (osi) model.
  Non-manageable works on data link layer of (osi) model.
   Manageable broadcast-when any info aviliable it will broadcast the message to every one.
   Non-manageable unicast-when any info  aviliable in network it will only send to it to specific port no or address.
    When we power on the switch it will auto get the informations of their connected pc like:-mac address,ip address,
    Port number etc.
   When we configure manageable switch:
   We configure:vlan,vlan trunking,vlan routing,vlan pruning etc.
Important notes:
Router to router=serial dte
Switch to pc=roll over cable console port to comport on pc.
Router to pc=vice versa as switch.
To reset password of switch in back of switch u find reset button press that se 1 to 2 sec toi reset.

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