What is routing

                                                                         What is routing
Routing is a process of sending and receiving packets from source to destination. This works is usually performed by devoted device known as router which is used to find the best path on network. Router Is internetworking device. routing can performed in a lan but it also possible in wide area network. with the help of routing our data can be flow in network from one computer to another.  Router uses a table to  broadcasting message from one place to and finds where is best path to transmit packets a another is called routing table.
Routing protocols and routed protocols:-
Routing protocols- helps routers to finding routes and which path is the best and more efficient to destination.
there are routing protocols are:-
rip-routing information protocol.
Ospf-open shortest path first.
Is-Is-intermediate system to intermediate system.
Igrp-interior gateway routing protocol.
Eigrp-enhanced gateway routing protocol.
BGP-border gateway protocol.
Routed protocol:-
When our data flow in network routed protocols decide which amount of data, size, how many packets have to send one time with best path is called routed protocol.
Routed protocols are:-
Internet protocol.
Novell ipx.
Banyan vines.

Xerox network system. (XNS).

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