Router security

router security:-
to setting up password at console port:-
line console port number 0
password 12456
show running config,if when u setting up password at router if any way the power get distruped so u have to saqve your running configuration in nv-rAM.
Copy running config  start-up
It get saved.
But you have successfully saved your password but whenever you type sh running config or sh startup config it will show your password easily.
So you have to secure your password:-
Config-mode=service passwordencryption.  Donnt forget to saved it in starartup config (it will encrypt your password but it not fully secured but there is one more security called as secret.type at config-mode=enable secret don’t forget to save it in startup config.
There is some problem when we write any wrong word:-it get start finding domain automatically.

Solution is here-go to config-mode=no ip domain-loopback.

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