There are seven layer of osi models 
Every layer of osi model is responsible for its works and every layer has own works.
Physical layer:-  it responsible for transmission media how data flow in network, wired or wireless, cable specification, nic, every devices didn’t support this layer some works partially works on data link layer, it is also responsible for encoding, signaling, voltage label, and it defines how my network devices connected physically with each other. Repeaters ,hubs, media convertor are works on physical layer of osi model these devices only can’t able to read the content data so it only know that data in bit form and also transfer it in bit form.
Data link layer:- is the second layer of osi model it is also responsible for the data transmission of data how it flow one place to other it also provides reliable transfer of data on the basis of our physical ip address when data reached at the data link layer is get framed also define network topology, error detection, physical addressing, flow control- if our receiver  didn’t get original speed of data transmission then flow control start running and transmit data in control speed. Bridges and switches are works on data link layer.
Network layer:- is the third layer of osi model how data transmit in network whether it is wired or wireless network layer function are logical addressing, packets, internetworking we connect two or more network with each other it is called internetworking,  routing  it defines the best path of data transfer in network, error handling and diagnosing. Devices who works on on network layer are –router layer 3 switches who perform routing functions.
Transport layer:- is the fourth layer of osi model  it acts as upper layer it is responsible for end to end transmission it provides an function who transmit different data in one time at systems features of transport layer are segmentation, multiplexing many to one and DE multiplexing one to many , process level addressing, connection services, error control in data transmission.
Session layer:- is the fifth layer of osi model it is responsible for software application running and how it communicate features of session layer establishing connections, maintaining connections, synchronizing communication, controlling dialogues, terminating connections. Imp feature-authentication, permission, session layer.
Presentation layer:- is the sixth layer of osi model it Is responsible in presentation of applications like web pages in diff os. Feature-translation, encryption, compressions. It secure data and compresses the data.
Application layer:-it works between software application and other layer works interface it is the seventh layer of osi model how data can flow from one place to another,
Determining  resource availability, syncronizationing.

 Data link layer get partitioned in llc (logical link control) and mac (media access control) Every lan technology uses llc technology.

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