Distance Vector Routing Protocol

                                                              Distance Vector Routing Protocol
               Is A Method Which Is Used To Send Packets With Best Path And Speed.
              So Here Distance Is Working Here For Calculating Distance From Its Destination
             Vector Helps Router To Make Direction In For Forwarding Packets.
        Finally Distance Vector Method Routing Protocol Use Works Is:-
             It Uses A Distance Calculation Plus And Packets Outgoing Interface To Choose The Best Path To Go At The Destination.
      Always Send All The Information Made Changes To All Their Neighbors.
Distance Vector Routing Protocol Uses :-
                                                                  Link State Routing Protocol:-
Track The Status And Connection Type Of Each Link. It Finds(Is It Gigabyte, Fast Ethernet, Or Other’s) Who Are Up Or Down.
Link State Protocol Also Known What Is Speed And What Is Cost.
Link State Protocol Also Defines And Auto Configured For Choosing Best And Reliable Path For Transfer Packets.

If Router 1 Wants To Send Packets To Router 5 And The Very Nearest Path Is From Router 2 But It Didn’t Go From There It Choose Second Route It Go From Router 3 And Router 4 And Then Reached At Router 5

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