Topology is a design of network.  Two types of topology are-logical and physical topology-we can see and maintain physical topology and we can’t see and rearrange logical topology.
Bus topology=uses a trunk or backbone to which all of the computer on the network connect. Systems connected to this backbone using T connectors or taps. Is cheap and easy to implement, requires less cable, and disadvantages: – whole network may be disturbed whenever any computer have to add or removed, whenever any network cable get break the entire network get disturbed, and it is difficult to troubleshoot.
Ring topology=all devices are connected with each other in a circular format first computer connected with last computer. Advantages=easy to install, troubleshooting easily, whenever we want to add some more computer all network get disturbed, a single break in a cable can disrupt the entire network.
Star topology=most popular topology all computers or devices connected to a centralized device called switch or hub each device need a single cable implemented in wan. Advantages are easy to troubleshoot single computer without disturbing any computer. Disadvantages are it requires more cables.
Tree topology=is a combination of bus and star topologies connected with a backbone advantage-easy to add or troubleshoot. And disadvantages are if the backbone get breaks, the whole network segment get down.
Mesh topology=each computer get connected to each other, more cable requires or more nic popular at wan, wiring get complicated. Disadvantages-requires more cable than other topologies every connection need new nic and cables.

Hybrid topology=whenever two or more topology get connect is called hybrid topology. It is very hard to handle because of it uses different 2 devices and connectors and cables.

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