Domain Name System

·        Working With Dns And How Dns Works:-
·        Working Of Forward And Reverse Lookups:-
ü Forward Lookup Zone.
ü Reverse Lookup Zone.
·        Forward Stands For Resolving Name To It’s Ip Address.
·        Reverse Stands For Resolving Ip Address To It’s Name.
·        Features Of Forward Lookup & Reverse Lookup:-
·        Those Are:-
·        1.Primary Zone And 2.Secondary Zone Or 3.Stub Zone.
ü Primary Zone:-Will Configured At Domain Based System And It Have All Permissions Like Read Write Etc.
ü Secondary Zone:-Will Configured At Client’s Based Systems Who Connected With That Domain System It Will Work For Primary Dns It Works As A Fall Tolerance Service If Primary Zone Fall Down Secondary Zone Works As A Primary Zone.
ü Stub Zone:- Is A Service Which Have All The Information Of Server And Dns It Helps Clients And Other’s To Get Information Easily From One Place.
·        Different option’s in forward and reverse are:
ü PTR record:-ip address can added.
ü AAA record:-only name can added.
ü New delegation:-it is the new feature to distribute one server dns works to another dns server to make it easily and fast.
                                                          Points to remember:-
v When Configure Secondary Zone:-Primary Required Must And After Create Transfer Zones To View Primary Zone Session At Secondary Zone From Properties Of Primary Zone Dns.

v Stub zone created at client server by changing zone by these steps=forwardlookupzone-domain-properties-general-change.

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