Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Ø DHCP Stands For Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol It Is Tcp/Ip Protocol It Is Used To Provide Ip Address Subnet Mask and Dns Address Etc. To Their Client Pc When We Configure It Every Clients Will Gets Their Ip Address As Per As They Boot Into The Network.
Ø DORA Stands For Discover Offer Request Acknowledgement The Process Of Dhcp Is Called As Dora Process.
Ø Dhcp Server Works At Port Number =67
Ø Dhcp Clients Works At Port Number=68
Ø Dhcp Relay Agent=Is A Service Which Is Used To Configure Dhcp By Other Option’s When We Need To Distribute Different Ip Addresses To Our Client’s When We Use It.In This Case We Need 2 Or More Lan Card’s To Configuring It is only find in roles remote policies and access services
Ø Dhcp Has Different Types Of Timer’s:
ü 50%=Also Known As=T1
ü 87.3%=Also Known As =T2
ü They Were Works For Ip Renewablelization
ü When It Goes At 50% Of Assigned Time It Will Ask For Ip Renew So Dhcp Server Will Renew It.
ü When It Goes At 87.3% Of Assigned Time It Will Ask For Ip Renew So Dhcp Server Will Renew It
Ø When It Reached At 100% Of Assigned Time And Dhcp Server Was Not Available To Renew It. It Will Automatically Get His Automatically Private Ip Addressing(APIPA) Automatically At A Time And Dhcp Auto Request In Every 5 Or Other Second For Ip Whenever Dhcp Server Will Boot Into The Network It Will Auto Assign Ip Address.
Ø Here Are All Option Were Define Of Dhcp:-
ü Exclusion Range:-Is A Part Of Dhcp Server It Is Used To Put Off Some Ip Address From Ip Range From Dhcp Server Configuration For Other Use For Example:-Start Ip= End Ip = When We Put Off And From Upper Range Is Called Exclusion Range.
ü Address Pool:-It Show Which Range U Have Define To Distribute.
ü Address Leased:-It Shows How Many And Which Client’s Will Get Their Ip

ü Reservations:-By Configure This U Will Reserve An Specific Computer By Their Mac Address For Specific Address.

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